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Artis Voice Quartet
"Florilegiu Crestin"
- Byzantine Orthodox Songs

Byzantine Orthodox Songs - Artis Voice Quartet The collection entitled Florilegiu Crestin includes pieces of great Orthodox - Byzantine music composers, pieces that chronologically reflect the ordeals of Jesus, adapted with imppressing art for music.
Florilegiu Crestin presents us Jesus in all stages of His purification, who, giving up the glorious clothes of glory, comes down to earth to suffer, to die and to revive for the salvation of the mankind souls. After each piece describing the sufferings of Jesus, seeming like it was made to lighten the listener's soul, there comes the refrain "Hristos Anesti" (meaning "Christ has come back to life"), a piece of a rare beauty belonging to the Greek Church repertoire which makes the connection between all the pieces. The message of the Lord's death for mankind is compared in the pieces of "Florilegiu Crestin" with the bright dawn, long expected after the darkness of the night, with the only true light, representing the victory over death, the revival from the tomb.
All the pieces included on this CD were re-adapted for the voice quartet form.

Artis Voice Quartet is the first professional chamber formation of the kind in Romania which is made up of four male voices and was founded by SonArt Artist Management. The repertorial ideal has aimed from the beginning towards several music genres - classical music (European renaissance, Byzantine, as well as Romanian and universal music, Christmas carols), gospel music (negro spirituals) - pieces of the composers Scott Joplin, McCurn, E.Daniel. It is appreciated as standard formation in its segment of specialty.

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