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Traffic Strings - Tango Finesse

Trafic Strings - Tango Finesse For TANGO FINESSE we created a premier adaptation, using a combination of instruments less utilized for the interpretation for the Argentinean tango - this expressive particularity is invoked in this project by the deep yearning tone of the pan flute contrasting with the lightsome sound of the violins and the dark and voluptuous stamp of the viola and the cello founded on the rhythm of the bass, all completed by the melody of the accordion. Furthermore, through these adaptations as means of expression I have tried to introduce alongside this new sounds combination more special sounds which bring rhythms of percussion instruments. Sounds which can be obtained technically with the possibilities of the instruments used in this recording.

The project Traffic Strings was initiated by the viola player Lucian Moraru and from the very first appearances the show was very welcomed by the public as a unique, daring and inventive project. Initially a string quintet, the group TRAFFIC STRINGS surprises now with a “new instrument” with interesting timbale combination between strings instruments and panpipe who create exiting colors. The present repertoire of the group requires the use of the panpipe, accordion, piano and a percussion part.

The hallmark of the program is its diversity - it includes 'The Four Seasons' by Vivaldi, arias by Puccini, well-known pieces such as 'Lonely Shepherd' and virtuosity pieces for the panpipe followed by dynamic and explosive musical moments of traditional Romanian folk music - the musicians are committed to exploring sounds that enchant audiences with their novelty and keep them glued to their seats for two hours that seem to fly away in an instant. The concerts are followed by several encores.

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