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Christmas Events "I believe in Santa Claus"
 20-24 December 2002, BUCHAREST

Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra Between the 20th -24th of december 2002, The Bucharest City Hall has organized with the assistance of SonArt Artist Management, a few cultural manifestations under the title "I believe in Santa Claus".



  • The 20th of december - Celebration of "Ignat"
    • "Pomana porcului". Party with artistic, cultural personalities and press of Bucharest. Artistic Program with Folklorika Ensemble at the Impaler Club.
  • The 22th of december
    • Christmas Carols Concert of Artis Voice Quartet - Cismigiu Garden
    • Concert of Adrian Petrescu - sax sopran - pieces of the international repertoire - Cismigiu Garden
    • Christmas Carols Concert of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir - Cismigiu Garden
  • The 23rd of december
    • Atheneum Brass Quintet Bucharest - concert of international music - Cismigiu Garden
    • "A two pence Opera" - medieval music with Collegium Stravagante, with the extraordinary assistance of the tenor Romeo Cornelius - Cismigiu Garden
    • Concert of waltz, polkas and marches of Johann and Joseph Strauss - Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra, conductor Ilarion Ionescu Galati - The Bulandra Theatre
  • The 24th of december
    • Fireworks on the music from the Christmas Oratorio of J.S.Bach in the interpretation of the "George Enescu" Philharmonic Choir and Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra - Cismigiu Garden
Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra
Athenaeum Symphony Orchestra
conductor Ilarion Ionescu Galati




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