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Damian's Fire

A super production in Bucharest, of a Romanian famous in America: "Damian’s Fire"!

Damian - the Romanian panpipe player, of Rom origins, lives in the United States of America. The live concert, Damian's Fire, represented a premiere in Romania from the technical endowment's point of view. The super-production was recorded by the American TV network PBS. SonArt, alongside with Stage Expert, participated to the accomplishment of this mega-concert.


Damian's Fire in numbers: 1,500,000 USD cost, 11 cameras, over 60 persons in the orchestra, a choir of 50 de persons, 12 trucks with foreign technique and 8 trucks with Romanian technique, a stage with a 42 meters opening, one hundred “intelligent” lights, and sound of the highest quality. Briefly, hundreds of tons of technique and tens of tons of platforms.

The concert will be broadcasted in America in the spring of 2002, on 364 channels, to be watched of over 270 millions of Americans and approximately 500 millions of viewers all around the world.




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