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The Award for Excellence in Romanian Culture
24 March 1999, BUCHAREST

 1 March 2000, BUCHAREST
 23 March 2001, BUCHAREST

"For the concert sustained with the occasion of awarding the Prizes for Excellency in Romanian Culture, at the Romanian Athenaeum, SonArt chose to present a spectacular work, of great attractiveness, but also with profound philosophical connotations – Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana – in a just as great interpretation.

Thus, the “George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra, with the Radio Choir and Radio Children’s Choir, performed excellently, with a compact sonority, homogeneous and brilliant, with an impeccable precision in attack and in the very difficult harmonic-polyphonic texture, the percussion rhythm (a fundamental element for this work) was significantly outlined.

The soloists’ team also brought up very pleasant surprises by inviting the baritone Lawrence Craig (well known to the public in Bucharest from his concerts and recitals of American music), a warm voice, generous, with an extended ambitus and a technique which allowed him to easily alternate the moments in mezzo voice or out of tune with those "on voice", his interpretation also proving indisputable acting qualities. Although he sang the score in a manner perhaps more adequate to negro spirituals, he conquered with the passion he lived every phrase, with the honesty and musicality of his artistic approach. Another great attraction was the presence of the countertenor Romeo Vasut, who, although not even 20 years old, sings with a special certainty and refinement, his soprano voice, clear and robust, conquering through quality and originality. Soprano Cristina Eremia completed the soloists’ team.

Ricardo Frizza was at the desk, a young Italian conductor that we discovered that night with great pleasure, because he proved to know very well the score, and was very secure on his means of expression, with efficient gestures and without any useless emphasis.

It has to be underlined the fact that Lucian Moraru realized the musical direction for PRO TV, which ensured an impeccable correlation of the images with the scores’ parts, a fact rarely met in the current broadcastings. The evening’s program also included miniatures interpreted by cellist Pavel Lupan and pianist Andrei Licaret, as well as the Choir of the Guests from Wagner’s opera "Tanhauser".




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