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 Tango Finesse - Traffic Strings

 LoveStoria per Sempre - Artis Voice Quartet

 The Four Seasons - Gheorghe Zamfir &  Traffic Strings

 Solitude - Adrian Petrescu

 Christmas Carols - Artis Voice Quartet

 Byzantine Orthodox Songs - Artis Voice Quartet

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Folklorika Ensemble
"Hai la joc, la joc, la joc!"
Romanian Folk Music

  Romanian Folk Music - Folklorika Ensemble

Made up of eight exceptional players, with rich experience in the traditional music, stored up through the collaboration under the baton of some of the greatest conductors of the Romanian folk genre musicians like: C.Arvinte, G.Sarbu, P.Oprea, the Folklorika Ensemble reunites today the most professional players in the field.

Due to their extraordinary qualities, they are chosen to participate in tours of great extent outside Romania's borders, accompanying renowned soloists of the genre like G.Zamfir, S.Bucur, etc, also playing within some international festivals: Agrigento-Italy, Montreaux-Switzerland, Dronauter-Belgium etc. Folkorika ensemble tackles with great attention the works it interprets, and the orchestrations and arrangements of the pieces for the concert form are made so they don't affect in any way the folkloric spirit of the origin area. details...

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